Welcome to GBMI Mac and iOS Software Solutions

Probably the most important tool today in both business and ministry, is computer technology. And at GBMI we have always tried to keep on the cutting edge where this technology is concerned. 

Fivefold Bible Software

Some years ago we developed a full Bible Sofware suite especially for those called to the Fivefold Ministry, which was known as the Fivefold Ministry Bible. 

But changes in Windows since Vista made it difficult for us to keep up with the changes that were taking place, and this software became obsolete. 

We attempted to dupllcate the main features in our Online Bible at http://www.gbm-academy.com/bible/fullbible.php but there was still a need for a stand alone computer based Bible Application. 

The increase in popularity of mobile devices, especially the iPod, iPhone and iPad made it more and more necessary that we provide this software for use on all devices, but this was not possible under Windows.

The Move to Mac

It was decided that we would take the plunge and move over to Mac computers, which would open the way for us to develop programs that would reach the most popular medium right now – the devices produced by Apple. So we took the plunge and began the huge task of learning the programming language of Objective C that is used in all Mac devices.

After several months of hard work, we are now ready to present our first offerings of the new Bible Software, for both the Mac and the iPhone/iPad devices.

You may freely download the Mac version of the GBM Study Bible which is still in beta phase, but fully functional. The version for mobile devices will available only once it is approved by the Apple Appstore. 

On this site you will find pages that will help you not only download the software, but also report any bugs that you find, and ask for help or support in the use of the software. 

Once all is in place, we will also be offering a full training course on principles of Bible Study, to help you make full use of this software. 

We pray that this will be a blessing to you, and if you are blessed and would like to make a contribution towards the cost of providing this software, we would greatly appreciate it. You may contribute using the Love Gift link on the top right of this page.